Wednesday, October 02, 2013
this isn't great at all. as time pass, the more i dislike the place that i am in.
it wasn't as great as people think and when there is so much problems, it kills the feeling. it just takes off everything.

i'm planning to leave after all these ends...
now that's an idea isn't it? i feel that i have no interest in this as time pass. its for the better.

on the other note, i've bought flight tickets and booked hotel room for bangkok already!
my very first time to bangkok. i am very excited. yes i've already travelled half way around the world but not to bangkok yet. i have no fate with bangkok, im kid you not.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

think good thoughts, speak good words and do good things

there is too much stress here.
&& i feel guilty...
i shall compensate for my wrongdoings.

i know this is my karma and i will have to repay my sins.

till then, let's wait for another update.
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

i find peace in rain

he pampers me so much, he takes really good care about me.
he apologizes for things he didnt do but on things that people say about me that will hurt me. things people say about me is indirectly because of him, he apologizes for that :))

8 months down the road, and our love has never been any lesser, its only growing.
not even one argument at all during these 8 months. *touch wood* this takes toleration, understanding and being rational.

i am not going to be calculative with you bitch. i was really fucking angry with you. from the way you talk, you are still a teenager. i dont even know what is the exact word to describe you. mind you, if you dont like people calling you a bitch, then dont call others a bitch especially its someone that you dont fucking know.
first thing first, you do not know me. you are not even my friend. you dont even talk to me. i did nothing to you. you called me a bitch? who is the child now here? talking bad about me makes you feel better? well, that proves so much about you. and god you freak me out, you are so delusional, do you even know what the fuck you are talking about? well i guess not. if it makes you feel so good talking bad about me, go ahead. i dont mind because it makes him care about me more.
&& this is how adults handle a situation.

on the other hand. i still cant find anything 70's to wear.
next week is annual dinner already.. working in a cosmetic/skincare company, you get to enjoy a lot of things especially skincare. i can't wait for my Advanced Night Repair to arrive. reviews sounds positive :)
i can't wait for Jo Malone's perfume. its freeeeeee! i'm jumping in happiness now.

urinary infection is such a bitch. it hurts like a bitch too.
and omg, i still have not make any payment for the hotel yet! thank god boyfie reminded me.and i still dont know what to get him.goodness.
actually i do know what to get him, i know what he likes and all but it is gonna cost me a bomb.
Wednesday, June 26, 2013

she will be loved

i dyed my hair! i actually wanted black but wasnt advisable to do so as i will not be able to dye other colors next time. but thats my purpose, to not dye anymore.
but im only told when i'm halfway dyeing my hair. lol.
oh wells, i'm always having problems deciding what to do with my hair. but i really love black hair! i think its sexy and it is! :))

my next project is to bake egg tarts! its my first time baking egg tarts and i hope it will turn out to be successful. will blog about it if its successful!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Omgee. My last post was October 2012! Many things happened since then, oh wells.
Started my working life way before I graduate. I didn’t really get to enjoy my “alone time” after graduation. It was all about work, even during my final year, final exam, its about exams and work. What a life? Yeah, that’s life. Suck it up and don’t complain about yours. I’m grateful as it is, many out there are worse. My only complain? Waking up early to be stuck in the jam everyday && travelling all the way to Mid Valley for work.

So why am I blogging now? Simply because I am too free now and don’t know what to do. Lol. This blog is already so dead that I have no more readers or followers. Har har. So why am I still blogging? I don’t know.

I’m contemplating on whether I should go for a hair treatment first or a color change. Office laptop is such a bitch, which reminds me, I lost my key!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


will be done with my university in 2 weeks time ...
&& i will be graduating! and then i will be in the working life.
well actually, i am already working so it makes no difference to me.

sometimes i feel like just putting everything aside and just leave this place ...

to just search for myself. & this suddenly reminds me of Eat Pray Love where she discovered herself by travelling. that's how i am feeling right now. for weeks i've been feeling this way and i dont know what to do.

oh well...

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

taken in Tioman :)

it's exam week :/
never did like sitting for exams.
rather work my butt off for assignments and be satisfied with it.
i have a very bad memory and i tend to write stupid stories during exams :/
wish me luck *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

waiting for June

have not touched this blog for god knows how long it has been. 
this month had been a bittersweet month, minor bumps along the way but i managed to pull myself back up again :)) afterall, this is nothing compared to what i've been through years back. 
&& so i can't wait for June to come...

i want to travel.
i wanna go back to Europe again. 
i miss London :(
i miss Spain :(
&& i definitely miss Paris's Louvre. not Paris. har har.
wanderlust :))

tumblr seems to be the only place where i can truly express myself these days for quite some time.
life seems pretty dull these days prolly because theres no love in me anymore.
yes of course there's friends and family and stuffs but something seems to be missing.
i think i really need to travel like NOW.
i've even lost my apetite to eat && food makes me happy all the time. so yeah.

on the bright side, am going to Tioman tomorrow :)
that's gotta be something right.
beach && bikinis && sand && swimming. that's pure bliss.

if only someone can see how i feel despite the toughness that i showed. 
it was never easy.

p/s: i don't like you anymore :)
i was just an option && you will have your karma for treating me like this :)
& you shall regret. 
Monday, May 14, 2012
i like you.

i really really like you


*after such a long time? *
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

call me crazy but this is a really nice bag !!
its so simple and chic don't you think so? :))

i have the craziest taste ever.

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